100-Year-Old Woman Connives With Teenager to Pluck Out Another Teenager’s Eyeball for Disappearance Charm’s Preparation

by Fatai Alimi
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A 100-year old elderly woman, Furera Abubakar, has been arrested by Kano State Police Command for instigating a 17-year-old Isah Hassan into luring another teenage begger into a hidden location where one of his eyeballs was plucked out for the purpose of making dissapearance charm.

According to a report gathered by HotnewsinNaija, the callous, elderly woman was approached by Isah Hassan to help me find an invincible power that will make him disappear and reappear at whim as it is in the general belief of some superstitious people that such power did exist. And so the woman asked the young boy to provide a fresh human eyeball as a major ingredient that would be used to prepare the charm.

The two started the hunt together, and they went for a vulnerable victim, who unfortunately was a poor 12-year-old almajiri teenager, and got his eyeball plucked out after being lured into a nearby bush.

However, the long hand of the law caught up with them as they were arrested by the security operatives in Kano.

Spokesman of Kano State Police Command, SP Abdullahi Haruna-Kiyawa, who disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday, March 30, said that the victim was found by the roadside without his right eyeball and with blood hoozing out of the plucked eye.

According to Kiyawa, the teenage suspect, Isah Hassan, was the first to be arrested and he confessed to the crime, claiming that the elderly woman, Furera Abubakar, was the one who instructed him to bring an eyeball of a human being for the purpose of making disappearance charm.

Isah revealed that he lured the teenage begger into a nearby bush, tied his hands and forcefully used a sharp knife to pluck his right eyeball.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Isah took the eyeball to Furera and she told him to bring Five Hundred Naira (N500:00) with it, which Isah did not have at that moment. Furera then asked Isah to keep the eyeball safe until he gets the money. He kept it for three days, but later discovered that the eyeball has decayed, and he then threw it away. Furera was subsequently arrested.

It is sad that superstition is one of the many African beliefs that is still holding us back. Or how do we explain the fact that a teenager was searching for a charm that will make him invincible and be able to disappear and reappear at whim? The fact that many of our people still believe in these imaginary powers and would do the unthinkable to harness the powers is very disturbing.

Now, an innocent begger becomes the unsuspecting victim. The eyeball was wasted and the begger was condemned to a one-eyed personality for the rest of his life. This is indeed sad!

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