Flapping Female Breasts Never Fall, Buhari’s Aide Rubbishes Attempts to Break Nigeria

by Fatai Alimi
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President Buhari’s Aide on Media and Publicity, Femi Adeshina, has rubbished the attempts by some people to break the country, saying it is an effort in futility, in the manner of a flapping female breasts or dangling ram’s testicles that will never fall apart.

Adesina stated this in a Facebook post on Thursday, where he accused some unnamed religious leaders and past political leaders of planning to wreak havoc on the corporate existence of Nigeria and also toying with the nation’s sovereignty.

In a much clearer expression that shows Nigeria as an inseparable entity, the presidential spokesman, likened the existence of the country with flapping female breasts and dangling ram testicles who would never fall apart no matter how long it may flap or dangle.

In his word, the President’s aide says:

These political, religious and ethnic leaders should please get their knees off the necks of Nigerians, and they should let us breathe. They have arrogated too much influence and authority to themselves, while not knowing that they are mere paper tigers. Nigeria is bigger than them, and the country will survive.

He stated further:

As I often say, this country is like the testicles of a ram, which gyrates from side to side, as the animal runs. However fast the speed of the ram, have you ever seen the testicles fall off? Or when a woman runs, and holds her breasts, is it for fear that those tender parts will fall off? It never happens.

Adesina emphasized that, no matter how much they try, Nigeria will survive the machinations of those who wish to break it at all cost, noting that consumate peace, ease and calm will return to the land.

Adesina added that the Senate Minority leader, Eyinnaya Abaribe, who served as the guarantor for the runaway IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, in the court, should be in prison for failing to produce him.

He, therefore, pointed accusing fingers on Abaribe and ‘his co-travellers’, saying they are planning to trade Nigeria’s sovereignty and its corporate existence for their personal gains.

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