After Tinubu’s 8-Year, No Southerner Will Raise His Head To Contest For President – Lawyer Says

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A Nigerian lawyer and Chairman of the Ijaw Lawyers Association, Odiedim Amachree has expressed confidence that power will shift from the South to the North after President Bola Tinubu completes 8 years in office.

While speaking in an interview with AIT, he made it clear that Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election was possible because the northern governors stood by him and ensured that power shifted to the South.

Speaking further, Amachree described the northern governors as champions of democracy, adding that they insisted on power rotation and contributed a lot to Tinubu’s victory. He said that if the president completes 8 years in office, no Southerner will try to contest for the office. He claimed that any Southerner who tries to contest for president after 8 years of this administration will be rejected by the South.

“I want to say that there are champions of this democracy. There are champions of the coming of President Bola Tinubu and those champions are the northern governors. They made a statement that is so loud and will remain loud for many years to come. They insisted on power rotation and it was because of that singular action that power rotated to the South.

After the 8 years of Tinubu, no Southerner will raise his head to contest for president. Such a person will be rejected in the South because a statement has been made that will nurture seamlessness in the production of the president and we can’t take that for granted.”

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