APC Presidential Primary: Osinbajo, Tinubu Are Inseparable Allies

by Fatai Alimi
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Osinbajo is one person you could not but admire. He is promising, eloquent and intelligent. He has all it takes to be a good leader, but his miscalculation of the sudden turns of event of yesterday’s presidential primary exposes him as a political novice. He missed the opportunity to steal the show when the opportunity presented itself, and thus decided to sink with ship of his presidential ambition.

Perhaps he was being pushed or misled by people who had one or two personal scores to settle with Asiwaju, and thus saw his Presidential ambition as a trump card that could be manouvred to indirectly forge ahead their own grievances, while making it look to Prof Osinbajo as if they are fighting his cause.

The political scheming, horse-trading, intrigues and how all the plots unfold, including the suspense, climax, and denouement are massive. Every aspirants put up a good fight. But while some knew the exact point to call it a quit and soft-pedalled, Osinbajo got it all wrong, like an inexperienced politician that he was, and decided to fight a lost battle to the very end.

Trying to dispute the fact that Tinubu is Osinbajo’s benefactor is like saying we ain’t created by God. The relationship that existed between the two of them was that of a master to his ward. Osinbajo might have been a Professor, but there are ten of thousands of Professors who are not even known beyond their places of work. The fact that Osinbajo becomes the Vice-President today is not as a result of his political prowess, but because he knew a Tinubu who is a political sage. Osinbajo rose to the very top riding on Tinubu”s political platform. There is nothing to doubt about this.

Therefore, giving his master that honour at the last hour that the tides of the poll have favoured the master would have been the best thing to do. Either then or now, he still has to eat an humble pie. But it would have been more honourable if it was then. Fayemi saw a clear picture of this as a more experineced political player and bowed out at the nick of time. Likewise Amosun and Bankole too.

But now that the battle has been won and lost, we cannot continue to dwell on what is past. The time is now to settle all scores and come all together to forge a common front to face the opposition. Osinbajo is still very much needed around like the other contestants who fought that sole presidential ticket with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We will be better as one indivisible house like the broom symbol of the great party symbolizes.

The challenges now and ahead are even more robust than the previous. Let us all sheathe our sword and work togetner for the success of Asiwaju in the main poll come 2023. Tinubu is now our rallying point, and together we can make his presidency happen!!

~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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