Atiku Abubakar Trying To Steal The Right Of The South

by Fatai Alimi
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If not for the understanding, uprightness and magnanimity of the Northern Progressive Governors, by now we would have had two Northern Presidential Candidates flagging the tickets of the two Nigeria’s key political parties of the APC and PDP to succeed President Buhari at the end of his 8-years presidency. This could have automatically put the Northern Nigeria in the pole position to rule us for a straight, unprecedented 16 years, in what would have led the Nation into unforseeing chaos, unrest, sense of imbalance and a wide feelings of neglect by the Southern part of the country.

But unlike the PDP who cared not, the APC Northern governors sensed that such a move would amount to an act of injustice to the South, and then decided to rally round a formidable Southern candidate to concede the presidency to. They gave us Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, rallied round him against the interest of the cabal who had wanted another Notherner in the primary, and made sure they gave him the necessary votes that landed him the party’s ticket.

They decided to settle for the VP thereafter, whom they will have to decide within themselves based on popularity, wide acceptabilty and capacity to deliver vote to the joint ticket. Just as such candidate may not have been a Muslim if the SS or SE are to be involved because they are predominatly Christians, so also the North may not likely nominate a Christian all because they are predominatly muslims. This is the naked truth we have to understand. The North is predominatly Muslims, and only a muslim candidate can stand a chance against the almighty Atiku who is trying to steal the South’s right to the presidency.

Religion should not have ordinarily been a borne of contention because in an ideal political system, the issue of who occupy what position only centre around capabilty and ability to deliver, but in a tensed atmosphere and religiously sensitive country like Nigeria, we understand that religions of the candidates are now being made an issue. But one thing to note is that this particular situation is a special case where we have a raven desperate thief who wants to steal the South’s right to the presidency and need to be curtailed by all mean possible. This situation surely needs to be given a special, careful consideration. We need to understand that so far the South is already having the Presidency, what actually matters is the pedigree, capability and capacity of the President. Bola Tinubu is a religiously liberal personality with a Pastor wife; the Vice President is just a subordinate to him in office, and in that circumstance, his religion is relatively inconsequential.

People should realise that Muslims constitute larger voter’s population in the North than Christians. An election is a game of number. If you want to win, you choose a candidate that will give you the largest votes. It’s as simple as that.

It is the same scenerio in some States of Nigeria such as Benue, Plateau, South-South states and South-East states where only Christian-Christian combination is the winning formular. In all these states, it is meaningless throwing up a Christian-Muslim arrangement because the Muslims do not have significant presence to make fervid electoral impacts. That does not mean there are no Muslims in these states, but because the Christian-Christian arrangement would win the election anytime anyday.. The understanding here is perfect, and I have seen nobody fighting on that?

As a matter of fairness, may I say here that the Progressive Northern Governors need to be appreciated by the South rather than being condemned for contemplating a Muslim VP. They had at least tried not to trample on the right of the South to the presidency by conceding the Presidency to us – a good-will that the PDP does not have in throwing up an Atiku. They have conceeded enough by ceding the Presidency to the South, and asking them to now bring a Christian VP may not be acceptable to them because they are predominantly Muslims.

I expect every discerning mind to understand this.
~ Alimi Ibn Fattykolly

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