Baba Ijesha Had An Illicit Affair With Princess; They Set Him Up Because He Broke up With Her – Baba Ijesha Lawyer

by Fatai Alimi
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A lawyer, who stands in for Baba Ijesha in the ongoing Child Molestation case slammed on him, Akin Olafeso, has revealed that his client was only set up by Princess and her co-travellers as a way to get back on him for trying to end the illicit, romantic affairs that existed between them.

Olafeso stated this in a post on his Facebook page, pointing accusing fingers at Princess, who is the foster mother of the 14 years old lady that Baba Ijesha was accused of molesting.

In the post, the lawyer emphasized that his client was set up to teach him an unforgettable lesson after his break up with the Princess.

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According to the Lawyer, Princess got wind of the fact that Baba Ijesha was in the habit of molesting her 14 years old foster daughter, and as a way to teach him a grave lesson for ditching her after a long illicit affair between them, she now decided to set him up with the lady.

However, the lawyer vowed they are ready to meet Princess in court.

He wrote:

“My client had an illicit affair with Princess in the past, unknown to Princess, Baba Ijesha took advantage of his access to her house to sexually molest her adopted daughter”

Akin Olafeso Stated further:

The victim’s mother, who had been suspecting that her daughter was being sexually abused, installed the CCTV to uncover the perpetrator and while monitoring the situation in her home on her phone, she saw Baba Ijesha allegedly conducting himself in a suspicious manner around her daughter.

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