Baba Ijesha: Iyabo Ojo Replies Olofa Ina, Rubbishes TAMPPAN [Video].

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A controversial Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has reacted to the recent criticism from a veteran actor, Deji Aderemi popularly known as Olofa Ina and the umbrella body of Yoruba actors and filmmakers, Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, TAMPPAN.

Iyabo reacted to the criticism on Sunday in a video released via her social media accounts.

Recall that Pa Olofa Ina revealed in a video released recently that Iyabo Ojo acted to him rudely when he tried to call her to order regarding Baba Ijesha sexual assault case.

Reacting to this, the controversial actress said she learnt about Pa Olofa Ina’s accusation that she acted rude to him but denied ever acted in such a manner to the veteran actor.

He added that the only thing he said to her was that she should not reply to Yomi Fabiyi’s post which she found difficult to do, noting that she shouldn’t be the one to keep quiet for him.

In her words:

“I won’t want to say an elderly person is lying but the only thing he said when he called was that I should not reply to Yomi Fabiyi’s post and I told him no. If he says something wrong, I would reply because I shouldn’t be the one to keep quiet for Yomi Fabiyi.

“Initially I don’t wanna pick up a fight with him but he can not come on social media to say something bad, come on my WhatsApp to say another and expect me to keep quiet.

“It is not even about me or Yomi Fabiyi but the 14-year-old girl. It has nothing to do with him but I would not keep quiet for Yomi Fabiyi.

She stressed that Olofa Ina asked her not to say anything about Baba Ijesha’s case again, which I told him it can not be possible, adding that maybe that was what he counted as an insult.

“He asked me not to say anything again about Baba Ijesha’s case but I said no. Maybe that’s what got him upset, maybe because I asked what would you if it is your daughter, would you ask me to keep quiet? 

She stressed further that Olofa Ina said to me that as a father and elderly person he is to her, he mandated it for her not to speak about the case again but she refused.

“I was shocked when he claimed that I said he should get down from the bus, cos I did not even say something related to that and I did not say he should step down, no!

“That would never even cross my mind and he said I talked about no how well but how far! I don’t know where he got that from cos me and him never had that kind of conversation.

She denied saying such a thing to the veteran actor and she, however, apologise to him if he felt offended with the way she spoke to him

Responding to TAMPPAN, she noted that the reason why she kept mentioning the group was that some of them called her to praise her, saying they are at her back and they nailed Baba Ijasha for assaulted the young girl.

She added that, to her surprise, these same people would get to the location to say something bad about her, adding that she got know about all they say from her loyalist at the location because she has never done something bad to them.

“A lot of people that I did not even expect in Yoruba movie industry said a lot of things about me at my back but when they see me, they say another.

She stresses that she decided to insult them because she can not hear something like that and not get angry, noting that she was never a member of TAMPPAN.

Iyabo added she joined ANTP but since the group had broken off and they created TAMPPAN she has never joined the association, but she pays all her dues to them because she has so much respect for her bosses, Alhaji Yinka Quadri and Alhaji Abbey Lanre.

The controversial actress declared she has never attended any of their meetings, even though some of her friends tried to convince her that the association has changed, she noted that she has never joined because she has no interest in the association.

She said that it is understandable that the people that left ANTP is the same people that created TAMPPAN, but she decided not to join because she’s too blunt and she probably might hurt some of them with the way she will present her words during their meetings.

“That is why I stayed on my own and pulled my own thing. But if there is a problem with the way I’m supporting the 24-year-old girl and princess and you people don’t like it you feel Baba Ijesha is one of your own.

“Princess is also one of your own and that little girl is princess daughter, she also needs someone that will support her! She is not a member of ANTP and she is not a member of TAMPPAN, she’s a 14-year-old girl that was in her own home when the incident happened not that she came on location.

“At the end of the day, I stand with that her cos I can relate with and I don’t really care about what anybody views or think about me standing with that girl.

Speaking further, Iyabo said that even some of the young Yoruba actor/actress went to their social media to say different kind of things about her and TAMPPAN was there that time but they did not call any of them to order.

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She, however, declared that she has no issue with TAMPPAN, but she just disclosed where her anger came from cos “some of the TAMPPAN members are fond of coming to you to praise you and go at your back to something bad about you.”

She stressed that the association needs to start from the grassroots and address a lot of issues, adding that she’s not the problem and she has the right to talk about TAMPPAN or air her opinion about them but she sends her apology if they feel offended about her actions.

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