‘Biafrans in Diaspora’ Abandoned Biafra Agitation to Support a Good Cause

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The spirit of one Nigeria took charge of the online media space of a leading Biafra agitation group called ‘Biafrans in Diaspora on Thursday when everyone suddenly forgot its ethnic differences and accepted each other as one big Nigerian family.

The group, which was dubbed the home of Biafran news, went south on Thursday after the news broke that Ahmed Musa, the Super Eagles of Nigeria captain, donated a whooping sum of two million naira to a suffering ex-super eagles player of Igbo extraction, Kingsley Obiekwu from his personal pocket.

Kingsley Obiekwu is a retired Nigerian footballer born in Igbuzor, an Igbo community in Delta state, and played as a defender. He represented Nigeria at the international level and was a member of the squad which won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. However, his football career hits the rock and has now become a taxi driver.

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On hearing about his predicament, Ahmed Musa, a Kano state born footballer and captain of the Nigerian Super Eagles, arranged to get his account number and ultimately credited Obiekwe with the sum #2,000,0000 (two million naira) on Wednesday.

As the news broke out on internet, the Facebook page and media outlet called Biafrans in Diaspora rushed to publish it, and encomium started pouring in for Ahmed Musa. Everyone forgot about any Biafran agitation at that moment, and felt so happy and proud as Nigerians and praised Musa”s large heart as a fellow compatriot.

It was a very crucial moment that showed us the need for all of us to remain as Nigerians. Although there are many other rich footballers who are of the same tribe with Obiekwe, none had considered him worthy of help, but the fact that Musa, who is from the Nothern state of Kano, was the one who helped him speak a lot on why we should remain together as one Nigeria.

Below are the screenshots showing the page and some of the comments.

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