Checkout What Was Written On The Papers Chief Adedoyin Threw To Journalist At The Court

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In the mid hours of today, an investigative Journalist named Oriyomi Hamzat went live on his Facebook page to show the moment Chief Abdulrahman Adedoyin arrived at the court for his case over the death of Timothy Adegoke, a Masters student of the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-ife.

When Chief Abdulrahman Adedoyin was walking into the court, he threw some papers to journalists who were recording his moment of arrival. Read what was written (the contents) on the papers through the photos below:

The content of the paper reads, “Abdulrahman Adedoyin was once asked about the unwarranted curses and vilification from Oriyomi Hamzat, Tibeton Church and her followers or sponsors and the great educationist simply responded, “if what they are saying is true that I killed or sent anyone to kill Timothy Adegoke, may all the curses in the two holy books be upon me.”

The last lines in the paper thrown at Journalist by Chief Abdulrahman Adedoyin reads, “if I neither killed nor sent anyone to kill Timothy Adegoke, may all the curses and damnations of the holy books be on all those I mentioned earlier.”

See The Paper Below:

Dear esteemed Readers, what are your thoughts concerning the contents of the paper?

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