DMO – The Face of True Leadership Laced with Passion and Sincerity of Purpose

by Fatai Alimi
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Dr. Michael Olugbile
  • Dr. Micheal Olugbile (DMO)

Dr. Michael Olugbile (DMO) might not have been a household name in Nigeria’s national political space, but he is well known to his people in Osun state. He is one man who, as a private citizen, is redefining the face of leadership in Nigeria without making much of the noise.

We simply called him Opeyemi back then. He was humble, brilliant, focused but from a poor home. Schooling, for him, wasn’t easy at all, for he had to struggle a large scale and cross a lot of uphills to get himself adequately educated. DMO, who has now grown to become Harvard-trained World Bank development expert, had a rough upbringing as he lost his father at a tender age, leaving only the mother with the hard task of raising him and his other siblings all alone.

Dr. Micheal Olugbile (DMO)

But exactly as postulated in the book of First Samuel 2:8 that God brings the poor out of the dunghill and set them among Princes, Dr. Opeyemi Olugbile grew from nowhere to reach where he is today only by dint of hard word and the rare grace of the Almighty.

How marvelous is the Lord of the Universe!!

DMO thought of the best way he could remain grateful to the Lord who had catapulted him from the very bottom to the right position; and without thinking it for too long, he started a movement that helps brilliant but poor students to live their dreams. He gave many of them reprieve with full scale scholarship and also helping others pay for their examination fees. He did not start this yesterday, but since 2018: Five long year without getting tired.

Dr. Micheal Olugbile (DMO)

DMO probably looked back and remebered those hard days of his. He remembered how he struggled to register for WAEC and JAMB, even as an exceptionally brilliant student, and decided to do something different to assist less-privileged but brilliant students by giving them scholarships and helping several others of them pay their JAMB and WAEC fees. And so far as an individual, he has helped a total of 687 students over the years, including some who are presently at various higher institutions of learning.

In his Federal Constituency which comprises Odo-Otin, Ifelodun and Boripe Local government, DMO helped pay for JAMB examination fees of a total of about 400 students between 2021 and 2022. He also gave full scale scholarships to around 176 secondary school students, and paid for WAEC registration fees of another 23, not to talk of about 120 students of different higher institutions he gives yearly bursaries to. As if that is not enough, he employed 11 teachers, on his personal payroll, into eight different government secondary schools across Odo-Otin Local Government Area to cover for shortage of teachers in vital and compulsory subjects.

Dr. Micheal Olugbile (DMO)

The fact that he is determined to help the equally brilliant but helpless youths came as no surprise to me. He is not doing it primarily for any political gains or ulterior motives, but in sheer fulfillment of the sacred vow he had once made to his creator who helped saw him through all of his hard times.

However, when you have such apt urge and burning passion to help as many less-privileged people as possible, political power is a vital tool that can help you achieve more of your desire a great deal. And this is why he has given it a second thought to venture into politics.

DMO is not into politics for personal gains; he isn’t into politics to swindle us out of our common, national partrimony; he is not one of those who only pay lip service with their political rhetorics, but a man who is out for the service of his people, and he’s often true to his word. He lives his life in service to the poor, the less-privileged and for our common humanity.

Dr. Michael Olugbile (DMO)

Do not be deceived by his small stature; of course, this hasn’t stopped him from making great landmarks in the wide and vigorous fields of Medicine. He might not have got six-packs and biceps, but he has got the intelligence and charisma of a good leader. He may not have been one of the giants in the calibre of the biblical goliath, but he has got the will, passion and urge to serve his people and thus adding a great deal to our common humanity.

DMO knows what it’s to be poor and that is why he is helping the children of the poor to get proper education that will provide them the right opportunity to lift themselves and their families out of poverty zones. These small but not too little acts of benevolence from our DMO are helping us building the society, and that is what true leadership is all about.

Dr. Michael Olugbile

True leadership is all about understanding the plights of your people and having the sincerity of purpose to lead them out of the woods. You may have a rich background, and yet grow up to be mean and selfish. And one who grew up without any silver spoon may end up having the passion to help and transform the society. Dr. Michael Olugbile (DMO) represents the latter and he deserves to be given political opportunities.

The time is now…..

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Kosamotu kazeem Adewale March 19, 2022 - 6:02 pm

If we have people like this man around us. Walai. The world would have be a better place. Thanks for all you do.


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