Domestic Violence: Adopt Polygamy As A Solution, I have Never Seen A Man With 2 or 3 Wives Stabbed to Death, Activist Tell Churches

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Kola Edokpayi

A human rights activist, Kola Edokpayi, has told the church to adopt polygamy as a way to curb the rising domestic violence that is now claiming the lives of many people who are into relationships or marriage unions.

The Human rights activist and speaker at the Edo Civil Society Group in Talakawa’s Parliament, Kola Edkpayi, has, through his Facebook post, asked churches in Nigeria to adopt polygamy so as to reduce the rate at which men are being stabbed to death and slaughtered by their sidechicks and wives over domestic issues

Edkpayi opined that Africans should not be “bamboozled” by the culture of the “White man” who only marries one wife, as such has not been working for the blacks who get slaughtered on daily basis over domestic issues by their partners, stressing that he has never seen a polygamous man who got stabbed by any of his partners.

He wrote on his page: “I have not seen a man with two or three wives that has been stabbed to death by any of his wife. We have had so many cases of demented sidechicks killing their boyfriends, man friends and even a man with one wife had been stabbed to death.

“We are calling on churches to adopt polygamy to reduce the rate at which men are stabbed to death by sidechicks and wives

“We should not be bamboozled by the white men who brought Bible with one hand and sword with the other hand to Africa to preach negatively about polygamy whereas they practice polygamy nicodemusly.”

Edkpayi ended his submission by calling on the Africans to accept polygamy as a way to avoid unnecessary domestic violence, stressing further that polygamy is ordained by God and the ancestors.

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