Don’t Call Me a Muslim for Using Hijab, I Only Use it Because My Backside is delicately Tempting – Sister Catherine (Video)

by Fatai Alimi
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Popular Nigerian Evangelist, Sister Catherine, also Known as Mummy G. O, has revealed in a video that the reason she uses Hijab is not because she is a muslim, but because God showed her different visions calling her to always cover her backside because men are lusting after it.

Sister Catherine explained that the use of hijab is not peculiar to Muslims, as they also copied it from the Isrealites who are the children of God. She stated further that even jews women dress the same way, and they only do it as part of their culture and to prevent their men from lusting.

” I am not a Muslim as assumed by some people because of my way of dressing, I’m a born again Christian and I was instructed by God in my dreams to stop falling men by the way of my dressing, which exposes my body shape, and when men see it they began to feel seduced, ” Sister Catherine said.

She noted that she then decided to start wearing Hijab to cover her backsides in order to adhere to God’s instructions.

She frowned at fellow Christians who queried her mode of dressing and alleging her of copying the lifestyle of Muslims, saying using of hijab is in the culture of the Isrealites, the children of God. She emphasized that the Muslims copied it from the Isrealites, and that if the Children of God were credited with using hijab, she is also right to use it as a child of God.

Watch the video here:

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