Eid-il-Fitri: Ramadan Fast Continues Wednesday As Saudi Agency Declares No Crescent Moon Sighted

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An Islamic agency in Saudi Arabia, Haramain Sharifain, has announced that Ramadan fasting will continue on Wednesday as there is not crescent moon sighted yet.

This means that Eid-il-Fitri will be held on Thursday which makes the 30th day of the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Reporting, Haramain Sharifain revealed that Saudi Arabia has on Tuesday announced in an official statement issued by the Saudi Supreme Court that the crescent of the month of Shawwal was not Seen in any observatories in the Kingdom

“Tomorrow the month of Ramadan will complete 30 days and Thursday will be the day of Eid Al Fitr,” the statement reads.

Haramain Sharifain, having confirmed from its source, took its social media to broadcast the announcement to the Muslim faithful across the world.

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