EXPOSED: Comparing Pattern of Serial Number On Peter Obi’s Certificate With Other Graduate of UNN (PHOTOS)

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It is customary that Serial Numbers on UNN certificates always have a capital letter D before the numbers, but the D does not normally align with the numbers. The D is always separated from the actual serial number and always at a reasonable distance to the numbers. e.g D 077571, D 045070, D 059933, and D 005847.

However, the serial number on Peter Obi’s certificate looks entirely different. It was written D000198 without any gap between the capital D and the numbers. This is a complete deviation from the customary way UNN serial numbers are always written on their certificates.

Going by what is all over the social media, Labour Party’s presidential aspirant, Gregory Peter Obi’s purported UNN certificate dated Saturday December 15, 1984 is nothing but a tissue of fake paper.

Apart from the certificate having no stamp, or any seal of authority contrary to the contents of the certificate in question, the serial number on the forged certificate exposes a lot.

More importantly, the certificate in circulation with a serial number D000198 couldn’t have implied that Peter Obi was the 198th graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. UNN was established in 1960, Obi couldn’t have claimed to be the 198th graduand of the great institution as at 1984?

Our conclusion here is that Peter Obi’s result being bandied around is nothing but A FAKE PAPER designed to misinform the public.

See photo comparation below:

© Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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