Funsho Williams’ Death And Those Bringing It Up Now

by Fatai Alimi
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History and the realities of life have thought me that no man, not actually a man who rises through the hurdles of life to attain the peak of success, would live a life entirely free of allegations, but when such allegations are by no means proven within the ambit of law, then the great man is vindicated. Tinubu and Funsho Williams’ death on my mind!

Funsho Williams death is a sad memory. It was one of the very many assassinations that have given credence to the fact that Nigeria’s security system need complete overhauling.The killing happened on the early hours of 26th July, 2006, some 16 years ago, yet the killer has not been unravelled. The Nigerian system has failed Funsho and his family. It is indeed sad. But we can only pray for his soul to find peace with the Lord.

However, some people have come up with different online posts asking us who killed Funsho Williams? While such question in itself is not a bad idea, the timing and way it is being asked, with the body languages of the proponents suggest they are out to use it for a devilish political purpose. A purpose of unreasonably attributing a leading presidential candidate to the sad event, as a way to malign him and, probably, whittle down his soaring popularity. But this, like very many before it. will also fail.

For the purpose of educating the unsuspecting Nigerian who may buy into the unpropitious misinformation, may I, therefore, set the record of Funsho William’s death straight:

Media outlets reported that persons suspected to be hired assassins invaded Funsho Williams’ home and strangled him to death in his private library at about 11:15 AM Nigerian time of 26th July, 2006. The murder of Funso Williams marks the second on governorship aspirants in Nigeria around that time, the first being the murder of Chief Jesse Aruku, the ACD gubernatorial candidate in Plateau state.

Although killed at night, he was found dead at about 9a.m the following morning by his personal driver popularly called Ajiroba, who had gone into his bedroom to wake him up for the day’s meetings/appointments. By then, scores of supporters and associates had gathered at the gate for the continuation of Engineer Williams’ ward-to-ward campaigns ahead of the PDP primaries. As a matter of fact, they were scheduled to campaign in Eti-Osa and Lagos Island local government areas that day.

The implication of this is that Funsho Williams was killed while jostling for the PDP’s governorship ticket that would have pitched him against Babatunde Raji Fashola of the ACN in the governorship contest of that time if he had won the primary. He was killed while in vigorous contest with his other PDP members who had wanted to fly their party’s ticket for the 2007 governorship elections.

The announcement of his death shocked everyone, including Bola Tinubu who was rounding up his second term as Governor of Lagos State. He was so rattled that he had to offer a reward of 10 million naira for information leading to the arrest of the killers, while President Olusegun Obasanjo, who led the PDP, also ordered a high-level investigation.

But some online rats are now asking who killed Funsho Williams at this critical time that Tinubu has emerged the Presidential candidate of APC. They are doing it without good conscience by sensing posts relating to this to several Tinubu’s online campaign platforms. I don’t know why they are asking us about the killer, and not the Police!

For record purpose, Funsho Williams and Bola Tinubu were in the AD (Alliance for democracy) at a time. Funsho contested the party’s governorship primary against Tinubu in 1999; but as a way of paying Tinubu back for his enormous contribution towards the success of NADECO struggles against the military, Funsho was begged to step down for Tinubu in 1999. Which he did.

But in 2003, perhaps he couldn’t wait to see Tinubu complete his two term, he decamped to PDP and contested against Tinubu’s second term. He, however, lost the election at the end polling 725,000 votes as against Tinubu’s 911,000.

It will now be crazy to insinuate that Tinubu had a hand in Funsho Williams’s death. Where is it done that you still continue to kick a man who was already down? He lost elections to Tinubu two consecutive times, and posed no threat to even his successor at that material time, as he hasn’t even emerged as the PDP’s flagbearer before being killed. So, there is absolutely no justification for such.

Was Funsho Williams not just one of the numerous aspirants under the PDP? How can a mentally stable man believe that Tinubu was responsible for his assasination? Why don’t they see his assasination as coming from within his PDP party men who were equally eyeing the governorship post and jostling against him? I do not mean to accuse anyone, but just making people to see reasons.

Funsho Williams was killed on 27th July 2006 whereas Tinubu got his second term re-election in 2003. Apparently, he was killed while contesting against Raji Fashola, who would later become Tinubu’s successor. Tinubu has already completed or about to complete his 8-years in office as governor. So, what is Tinubu’s own that he would think of such delvilish act?

Only those who hate Tinubu will swallow such gilbberish. And who is begging them not to? They should continue to wallow in their ignorance and sheer hatred for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu while the great soars. We know they only hate Asiwaju because he was able to achieve what was difficult and impossible for them all. It is understandable that they are extremely bittered. They are in darkness!

Whoever hates his brother is in darkness, John 2 :11; so says the Bible.
~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

Below is one of the posts targeted at maligning the personality of the great leader. They will fail as usual.

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