Greed of A Woman: Female Corper Arrested With A Common Criminal While Hanging Out Together (Video)

by Fatai Alimi
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A female corper, simply known as Towobola, has been arrested in Lagos with a serial criminal who had been on the run for a long time, but was later busted and apprehended by the police in his home somewhere in Lagos state.

In a video circulating on internet, the criminal was handcuffed, while being interviewed by the operatives of the Nigerian police who apprehended him in his home after a long hunt.

The video now showed a corper who was also arrested with the man. While also being interviewed, the corps member, whose name is Towobola, said she just completed her mandatory one year national service and just collected her NYSC certificate three days prior to her arrest. She was bittered and pleaded to have just met the man and that she didn’t know the man was involved in such criminal acts.

This has again give credence to the believe that some ladies nowadays do not care about what you do for a living. They only jump on the next available bouyant guy in town without taking time to find out what he does for a living.

See below for the video:

Who cares what you do for a living? Women only jump on the next available bouyant guy in town. See how this beautiful lady was arrested with a criminal..

Posted by News In Naija on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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