Hell No! What Do We Need Davido’s Apology For?

by Fatai Alimi
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There is honestly no reason for Davido to apologize to anyone on the controversial musical video titled ‘Jaye Lo’ posted on his social media page because his primary intention of posting the video was not to hurt the Muslim community.

Although some people may find fault with the approach of the maker of the video, no one can deny the fact that the video was shot with a pure intention of giving thanks to Allah.

I listened to it and this is the lyric:

“Talika talika ti di oni le
Talika Talika ti di olowo o
Alhamdulilah Talika di oni le o
Me I no go lie say the blessings coming
Life in design Valentino gon ni
Alhamdulilah say big money coming”

For the sake of non-Yorubas, the meaning is:

Poor man, poor man has become a house owner
Poor man, poor man has become a rich man
Alhamdulilahi, poor man has become a house owner… bla bla blah..

So, what is bad in all these?

From the Forty Hadith of Imam Al-Nawawi, It is narrated on the authority of Amīr al-Muʹminīn, Abū Ḥafṣ ʼUmar bin al-Khaṭṭāb (R), who said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah say:

“Actions are judged by niyyāt (intentions), so each man will have what he intended.

The primary intention of the video was not to ridicule the religion of Islam nor was it to provoke the Muslims, but to help a Muslim brother who was struggling with his music career. Nothing was against the principles of ISLAM in the said video — No half dressed women, No alcoholic drinks, No smokes, the video was not even shot in a mosque as the building looks like a well-maintained generator house. So, what will the apology be for?

Allah is the custodian of his beautiful religion of Islam, not mere mortals who feel they can fight for the Almighty. If Islam had survived the attacks of those who went as low as burning the Holy Quran, the religion of Allah, which has survived thousands of years and still waxing stronger, cannot be spoilt by just a harmless musical video.

If our different religions cannot help us all to live together In peace, we would all have failed to uphold the intent of the Creator to have allowed the world to be of different religions despite having the capacity to make it only one.

All these hullabaloo about the video, to me, are unnecessary. It defies all logical reasoning why we think we can fight for our Omnipotent & All-Knowing Creator? We should just let Davido be!!

© Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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