How A Local Nigerian Girl With A Boyfriend Can Be Rude, And The Best Way to Reply Her

by Fatai Alimi
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Maturity is a typical quality of humanity that is not common to all. While some people are properly matured, some are moderately, and the remaining are simply immature.

It takes maturity to discern issues properly. Even in a matter of hearts, I mean in a man and woman relationship, maturity plays a major role in the way things play out. As a matter of fact, when a man is dealing with a relatively immature girl, the result may be disastrous, and vice verse.

This takes me to a phone chat between a man and a lady he newly met online, and how the poor girl finally messed up what could have been a great and interesting conversation all because she was, at that moment, in the company of another guy she was not yet married to.

To satisfy our ego, some of us understands how we always press our girlfriends, I mean those ones we truly love, to tell a potential suitor that she is with her husband and that the guy should never call her line again. Exactly something like this plays out in this interesting conversation between a man and a lady, and going through it will surely make you laugh.

See below the screenshot of how the conversation goes:


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