How Peter Obi and Pastor Oyedepo’s Projections in Leaked Audio Failed Woefully

by Fatai Alimi
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Peter Obi and Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo promised to deliver Kwara state to Obi but Kwara was one of the states where Obi suffered his biggest lost.

Obi also begged him to talk to SW Christians but apart from Lagos state, there was no SW state where Obi got even 15%.

Obi said that the 2023 presidential election was a religious war and Oyedepo agreed.

Oyedepo said that the election will favour Obi but I like him for not saying that God said so. He only predicted like some of others predicted Tinubu’s victory but while their prediction was right, his was off the mark because it was based on emotions rather than facts on ground.

Obi said that he was in Onitsha and Oyedepo said that that was the right place to be.

Obi promised that they (clergymen) will not regret supporting him if he wins.

Obi and Oyedepo and co made a religious war but in the end a Muslim win 8.7m and came first. Another Muslim got 6.8 million votes and came second while Naanu came 3rd with 6.1m votes.

I enjoyed the conversation of the two men but Obi spoilt it by his uncountable Yes Daddy.

Obi was also sounding like he wanted to cry.

Yes Father won in Benue, Yes Daddy lost in Kwara, Niger and Kogi woefully.

If you miss the leaked video, kindly click here to watch

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