“I Was Raped, Threatened And Forced To Carry Drugs By Peter Obi” – Chinenye Ezewuzie Confessed

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Peter Obi

A Nigerian girl arrested for drug trafficking in Peru has confessed and pleaded guilty then plead that she could be allowed walk free from prison in less than three years, The Sun Newspaper has reported.

21yr Chinenyenwa Ezewuzie , was caught with £1.5 million worth of cocaine in her suitcase at Lima International Airport on August 1st 2016 and she insisted she had been forced to carry the drugs.

According to The Sun Newspapers, the girl who had been working in NEXT Shopping Mall, have confessed that she was forced to carry the cocaine by an African drug gang headed by the former governor of Anambra state , chief Peter Obi who threatened her and her family.
Now , young Miss Chinenyenwa Ezewuzie from Agulu , have decided not to pursue the line of coverup but resolved to tell the whole truth of how she was forced at gunpoint to carry the drugs in other to offset the money her father , mr Okelue Ezewuzie owe chief Peter Obi . Mazi Okelue Ezewuzie and chief Peter Obi are native of Agulu in Anaocha local Government Area , Anambra state.

According to Chinenyenwa Ezewuzie, her poor father, mazi Okelue was in land dispute with their kindred members but couldn’t pursue the case on his own because of lack of income.

Her father approached the former governor of Anambra state , mr Peter Obi for help which he admitted but on the ground that mazi Okelue will pay him back the money he spent in securing his land after 8months and mazi Okelue accepted.

Peter Obi threw his weight behind mazi Okelue and secured his land for him . After a period of 8 months, mazi Okelue was able to pay more than half of the money to Peter Obi and pleaded with him to exercise little patience to enable him make up the remaining balance of the money and pay up but Obi refused and forcefully obtained 10 plots of land from the land he secured for mazi Okelue, leaving only 2 plots for him , yet keep demanding for the balance from poor mazi Okelue and family.

Chinenyenwa stated that her family have pleaded countless times with chief Peter Obi to consider their financial condition but all to no avail, she added that it was during one of their family visit to chief Peter obi’s to beg that the former governor spotted her and asked her family to release her to start working for him in his Abuja Shopping Mall to make up the remaining balance, she said that her family didn’t object and she traveled to Abuja for the job.

Chinenyenwa said that she stayed and worked for chief Peter Obi for barely two weeks in his NEXT Abuja Mall , meanwhile Peter Obi took her virginity and turned her into sex toy. She narrated how she was used against her will by chief Peter Obi to satisfy his unsatisfiable sexual urge.

As if that was not enough, Peter and the gang of cocaine peddlers forced her at gun point to accept carrying drugs for them or face silent death.She accepted under duress to carry drugs for Peter Obi and it was in the process that she was caught.

Miss Chinenyenwa explained that she had protested her innocence at first with the hope that the authorities would be able to track down Peter and the gang members but now accepts that is ‘too risky’ a strategy.
Pausing to compose herself as her voice faltered with emotions, she continued: ‘I cannot take that chance and face 15 to 25 years in jail after being found guilty at trial.

The authorities here have done nothing in terms of trying to get evidence by tracking down Peter and the gang.
I told them what I knew but it is almost like they don’t seem to want to look. It has been so frustrating and disheartening that Peter Obi, a man that sends youngsters to their early grave should be protected by the authorities and allow to be walking freely on the street.

They don’t believe that I was forced and they seem to think it’s my job to find the evidence – but it’s very hard to do that from behind bars.

I plead with the Nigerian Government to investigate chief Peter Obi and bring him to book – Chinenyenwa added.

Culled from the Sun Newspapers.

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