I Will Serve You One, If You Want Personal Attacks – Ayo Fayose Fires Rufai Oseni On Live TV

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Rufai Oseni, Fayose

Former Governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose got into a verbal exchange with Arise television anchor, Rufai Oseni during a live interview on Thursday, March 23.

Fayose who was responding to a question about his leaked tape where he was secretly recorded by an army captain when he was hatching out election fraud plans in 2014 flared up.

He debunked the alleged leaked tape claim and called out Rufai Oseni for his line of question as he accused him of personally attacking interviewees rather than tackling the matter of discussion.

Rufai who disagreed with him, said he has been objective and was doing his job appropriately.

Ayo Fayose explained that nobody has proven that he asked anyone to rig an election and nobody will come out to say he committed such an act.

Below is the verbal exchange that occurred between Ayo Fayose and Rufai Oseni.

“I take exception to the claim that I was secretly recorded, and I take exception that nobody has proven that. Yes I can be recorded, but nobody will ever say to you that I say they should go and rig an election,” Fayose said.

“I read a lot and I listen to your comment and I feel, we need to sit back and correct a lot of things.

He called out Rufai Oseni over his past incident on the bus lane and how he allegedly confronted a police officer.

Responding to that, Oseni noted that Fayose was not aware of the full events that transpired on the said day.

“You will give me a right of rebuttal on the bus lane incident because I put it to you sir, you don’t know the full story of what happened.”

Fayose said;” If you go that way we will not make a sense of this program, I was invited by your station, If you didn’t touch something that impugns on my personality I will not give you an answer to that. So, If you’re asking question, I told Ruben about you and I specifically complained about you and your attack on the people you don’t believe in as a politician.

Oseni: I have a right to do my job, you can’t complain about me to my colleague, No that’s not right.

Fayose: Excuse me, I know where you are, that’s not right of you as well and if we want to make sense out of this program, let us leave personal attacks because you are good at that. I’m equally good if you want it, I will serve it as well.
We know where you are, we know where you belong, we know the party you’re supporting but lets leave that out of the issue.”

Rufai Oseni on his part tried to give a rebuttal on Fayose’s claims said “I do my job here objectively as I can,”

Fayose interrupted saying “If you give me one I will give it back to you. It is not personal between the two of us.”

However, Oseni said the former governor has made it personal and that he has a right to respond and he does not support any political party.

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