If There Are 20 Million Igbos Worldwide, I’m Wealthier Than 19.5 Million Of Them – Asari Dokubo

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Asari Dokubo

Leader of Niger Delta, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has provided insights, into why he does not harbour any feelings of envy towards Igbo people, contrary to what some individuals have claimed.

Dokubo made this known in a recent Facebook live stream, declaring that if there are 20 million Igbos worldwide, he’s richer than 19.5 million of them.

He stated in the video that, In my opinion, it would be beneficial for the Igbo community, to cultivate a sense of moderation in their speech. Making the statement that, Lagos was a territory belonging to no one during the election, was an incorrect assertion. He continued, Having resided in Maiduguri and Ibadan previously, I have never proclaimed those locations as no man’s land, as I considered them my hosts. Throughout my stay in those places, I maintained complete silence, and did not cause any disturbances.

He further stated that, I still can’t think of any justification for why I should be jealous of Igbos. They are poorer than I am. If there are twenty million Igbos worldwide, I am wealthier than nineteen million, five hundred thousand of them. You’ll see that I’m wealthy, if I gathered only my cars. I also have investments in different countries around the world.

He concluded that, “It was clear that, the Yorubas voted for Tinubu, to demonstrate that Lagos is truly a Yoruba man’s land,”

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