If You Are Into Crypto Minning And You Are Minning Hamster Kombat, Then This Post Is For You

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Hamster Kombat

Not official yet but there’s a lot of sense in this post, ensure you do the three main tasks daily, it’s extremely important

Hamster Kombat criteria will be revealed a week before claiming.

The Hamster Kombat was one step ahead of Notcion and has provided Wallet Connect One Month before listing.

If your current Profit Per Hour(PPH) is around 2.1 Million, it will generate 6 million Hamster coins for u to claim which will be added to your coin balance.

Also, Coin slashing will be implemented to stabilise the pressure from miners during mainnet. According to MiracleLevite who made this findings, the coin slashing would be done in the format below:

1,000,000 HMSTR = 1000 HMSTR

5,000,000 HMSTR = 5000 HMSTR

10,000,000 HMSTR =10,000 HMSTR

NOTE: This Airdrop will be typically based on 3 things.

  1. Profit Per Hour(PPH)
  2. Daily Cipher and Daily Combo
  3. Number of Tap

The core team has announced that airdrop will depend on PPH and other parameters which will be revealed later.

According to MiracleLevite, An anonymous friend of his who is actively involved in the creation of the HAMs Token revealed all the claims he laid in this article.

He, however, advised Hamster Coin Miners to spend their coin balance and make sure they always tap also on the app to increase Airdrops allocation. He states; “your number of taps is systematically calculated and you will be rewarded for it.”

He stressed that the HMSTR board of management are yet to decide on the listing price of the HMSTR token but expects a start-up price from 0.1 to 0.3 at lunch.

“Two weeks after lunch Hamster Token will be renounced and become community own, this is subject to change, He says

“Mechanisms designed to favour HMSTR is the DEV operations, He says” It would be similar to that of Bitcoin as the Core team has implemented many stationary data and facilities to enhance a very long time utility as Bitcoin”

“You are CEOs because of what they have designed and you will be CEOs because of what they have done.”

He said that the HMSTR core team will remain anonymous until thy kingdom comes and revealed that more than 1-3 billion dollars has been raised so far, with the telegram foundation offering almost half a billion Dollars.

There is still enough time for you to mine HMSTR and earn big when the Airdrop Allocation being done!

If you have interest, kindly Click Here to join and start earning as many HMSTR coin as possible.

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