“I’m The Only One That Can Take Power Back From APC, Give Me The Presidential Ticket,” Wike Tells PDP Leaders (Video)

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Gov. Wike

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has declared himself as the perfect candidate who is capable of dethroning the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and therefore asked the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to give him the presidential ticket if they want the power back from the ruling party.

Governor Wike disclosed this on Tuesday, while he was addressing the leaders and stakeholders of the PDP in Gombe state.

The PDP Governor who recently declared his intention to run for presidency visited Gombe state to seek the support of his party members in the state and revealed to them that he’s very ready to fight and secure the power back for the opposition party.

In his words:

“Today, I have come here to talk to all of you who are members of our party, I’m a full PDP member, I have never left this party, I supported this party and I will not leave this party.”

“Yes, I want to run for the presidency of this country. It is you that will decide who will fly the flag of the party, and if at the end of the day it is not me, I will give my all to make sure PDP win the election.”

“I have done it before because I have no place to go to other than the umbrella called Peoples Democratic Party but one thing that is important is that we are not just going to run for the election, we want to run for election to win the election, if it is we just want to run for election, it is okay, you can give anybody the ticket but if we want PDP to take this power back to PDP on behalf of Nigerians, it is me that can win that election.”

“I’m not coming here to talk about zone, no I have the capacity, I have what it takes to stop this government. So I didn’t come here for you to support me because it is the zone, no support me because I know what to do. If you want PDP to win the election in 2023, Then, I have made myself available, give me the ticket let me go and take the power for you.”

“What are we wasting time for? People are coming to tell you he’s from here, that’s not what we are talking about, we are talking about who can take the power from the APC, it’s Wike, it is me! Look, Let me tell you, I did not collect any other form, some people want to be president but they also have the form to be senator, in case.”

“For me, there is no in case because I am prepared for it. You see, people who are not prepared for this, that’s why they say keep this one for me so that if they didn’t get this one, they will get that one. Me, I’m not going to get anything, I will get this one, so follow me so that we can go back to the feeder.”

The Rivers State governor berated President Muhammadu’s administration, basically on the insecurity and promised to tackle it and make Nigeria back to normal again.

Governor Wike, in his statement, seems to be confident that he has what it takes to become the president of this country and has the capacity more than any other PDP member to dethrone the ruling APC.

Watch The Video Below:

My address to leaders and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party in Gombe State. ~5th April 2022.#TogetherWeCan

Posted by Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON on Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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