In The South-West, Tinubu Is Our Calabash | Read

by Fatai Alimi
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A Yoruba adage says: Igba ile, e loo ree, boya titi oko yio gbo enikan o mon. The calabash you have at home, use it wisely, whether the one that is budding in the farm will mature, nobody knows.

I pray that the good Lord open the hearts of all Yorubas to know the value of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his life time. It seems some of our people still don’t know that Asiwaju is the pride of the southwest and a very focused political leader who has invested his time, resources, wit and political prowess into building bridges across geo-political zones to put Yoruba in the pole position to have another shot at the presidency.

Today, we all praise Chief Obafemi Awolowo only when he has gone beyond the veil. His good intentions for the entire Nation were open secret, but he was not allowed to implement them as he couldn’t get a hold of the needed political power. Every politician in Yoruba Land pays tribute to him, but it seems he has gone before we all know him.

But now that Bola Tinubu is still around, let us know him and see the good intentions he has for Nigerians. He has worked tirelessly all these years, and now is the time for us to give him the all-important support that will catapult him into the exalted office of the Nigeria’s Presidency.

We understand that Nigeria is in a very dire situation right now and needs a urgent attention from a capable leader. Bola Tinubu knows exactly what to do. He is vast, brilliant and politically, economically sound. Only God is perfect and completely reliable. But I am not in doubt that Tinubu has the brains to turn things around.

In all, most Nigerians can attest that Tinubu is a strategic thinker with a formidable frontier spirit whose irrepressible doggedness can change the story of Nigeria to success. Tinubu is prepared and has the intellectual capacity to change our story, but all he needs from us is our total support.

The video below puts it succintly. Tinubu is our Igba-ile, e ja kalo-ree. The calabash we have in the house, let us use it wisely.

In The South-West, Tinubu Is Our Calabash

In The South-West, Tinubu Is Our Calabash

Posted by News In Naija on Sunday, June 12, 2022

~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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