Instead of Evacuation, Cameroon Government Asks Citizens in Ukraine to Hide in the Bush for Safety

by Fatai Alimi
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Some African countries will never cease to make funny headlines as Cameroon asked its citizens caught in the war-torn Ukraine to use bushes as hideout for their safety.

This is, unfortunately, coming from the Central African country at a time when many other countries of the world, like Nigeria, are evacuating their citizens from Ukraine.

In a viral news headline circulating on internet and reported by https://iharare.com, the government spokesman of Cameroon advised its country people in Ukraine to use bushes to hide for their safety. This has drawn a lot of reactions, mostly condemnations, from around the world.

It should be of note that since Russian’s invasion of Ukraine has begun, there has been many concerns regarding African people who are residing in Ukraine. Some countries like Nigeria has taken the task head-on, and is almost completing the evacuation of its citizens caught in Ukraine’s invasion by Russia.

Many people have adjudged the Cameroonian government call for its people in Ukraine to hide in the bush as unfortunate, insensitive and shameful; noting that if the African government does not value its own people, how do we expect other race to value the black race.

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