Interesting Story of How Russian Soldiers Nearly Buried Vladimir Putin’s Mother Alive

by Fatai Alimi
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Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, may have now become one of the most powerful persons in the world, the fact is that he had a humble beginning to such an extent that his mother was sometimes nearly got buried alive by the old Soviet Union Army.

Since the start of the ongoing Russia/Ukraine crisis, Putin has been in the news on daily basis, and many are now interested in digging more into his life to know about him, his upbringing and his rise to power. And this has thus led us to revisit the story of how Putin’s mother was, sometimes during a war, almost buried alive by the Russian Army before she was eventually saved by his father.

During the era of the old Soviet Union, Putin’ s father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, was a soldier who fought in the second World War.

Putin’s Father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin

At a time during the war, Putin’s father got a short break at the war front to visit home. On getting home, what he saw was scary: He saw a pile of dead bodies on the street being loaded into flatbeck truck by Russian soldiers. He rushed down to his apartment where he lived with his wife, and couldn’t see the wife.

The wife’s name was Maria Ivanovna Putina. The husband, Spiridonovich, confused as to what could have happened to his wife, raced back to where the dead bodies were being loaded into the truck. And as he drew nearer, he saw a woman’s legs wearing shoes that he recognized as his wife’s. He ran towards the pile of bodies, did a quick check on the body and saw his wife about to be loaded. As a military man, he demanded the body of his wife be given to him for private burial, in as much as all the bodies were being transported into a mass grave.

Putin’s Mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova

The Soviet Union Military were not ready to yield his demand. They were reluctant to give him the body, and that led to a serious argument between them. After the heated argument, the men gave in and eventually gave the wife’s body to him.

He examined the body and noticed that his wife was though unresponsive, but she was still breathing.

This prompted him to take the wife to the nearest available hospital where she was then treated. And in a sudden twist of fate, she recovered and was eventually discharged. All these time, Vladimir Putin, the current Russian President had not be born. It was eight years after the incident that she gave birth to Vladimir Putin.

Putin with his Mother

Vladimir Putin has always been passionate about his mother. He speaks so highly of her at every given opportunity. And it was in one of his meetings with Hilary Clinton that he revealed this shocking story about his mother.

Hilary would later add the story to her memoir ‘Hard Choices’ that was published in 2014. She recalled her conversation with Putin, where he told her how his father saved his mother during the Siege of Leningrad.

The whole event happened during the World War II, and it was a very notable and important event that would have shut the door of existence to Vladimir Putin.

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