Lazy Politicians Using Religion To Curry Undue Sympathy

by Fatai Alimi
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In God’s superior wisdom, He created us all to live and survive together irrespective of our religions. Imagine a man who’s involved and trapped in an accident, nobody at the scene of the accident asks of his religion before we rescue him. Also a man who needs help and donations to meet medical needs, no one ask for such fellow’s religion before they make donations. It is simply about our common humanity; it is all about our common good.

Religion is our private and individual relationship with our creator. We should simply leave it at that. The moment we begin to make several of our demands based on religion; the moment we begin to infuse religions into our liberal walks of life, we may end up dragging our nation into the point of no return; into the point of an unimaginable division.

The gap that ethnicity has created among us will get even wider with religious division. It will drag us into such a pitiable level that even the people of the same ethnicity won’t see themselves as one again: a Yoruba Muslim will see a fellow Yoruba Christian as a threat, and even an Igbo Muslim will consider his fellow Igbo Christian as a competitor. Nothing could be more dangerous! And this is why some of us are speaking up against this dangerous propositions.

Hunger is not a respecter of any religion just as poverty. When salaries of workers are not paid on time, the concomitant suffering does not give special treatment to anyone based on religion. However, lazy politicians are now out there using religion as a tool to currying sympathies from the unsuspecting Nigerian populace. Many are falling for it, and this is the more reason I am disappointed.

How sad is it that what is meant to be a North-South combination is now being touted around as a Muslim-Muslim combination? What is Muslim-Muslim ticket in a political arrangement between the South and the North? Isn’t it clear by now that the proponents of religion in politics are only trying to destroy us as a nation. Those who wish to ride on the fragile wings of religion to curry political favours are lazy politicians. They are rather setting us on a time bomb that will explode and bring our nation into ruins. This is no joke!

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