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Desmond Elliott vs Rhodes-Vivour

Just like PATRICK RHODES-VIVOUR (politically known as Gbedebo Rhodes-Vivour), Desmond too has deficiency in “Yoruba fluency”. But Desmond speaks Igbo very fluently; having been born and raised by Igbo mother just like GRV.

However, Desmond’s inability to speak Yoruba fluently has never for once stopped him from being elected by the majority of the Surulere constituency 1 locals (who are majorly Yorubas) since the year 2015.

Despite inability to speak Yoruba fluently, the Surulere constituency 1 locals (Shitta, Stadium, Akerele, Ojuelegba, Baracks, Iponri, Masha, Adelabu, Adeniran Ogunsanya and Bode Thomas) love him with passion.

So for some of you saying Yorubas dislike Patrick Rhodes-Vivour because his mother is Igbo are not saying the truth.

Unless you are being mischievous, you know for a fact that YORUBAS ARE THE MOST LIBERAL & ACCOMODATING in Nigeria.

The truth is that what worked against Patrick Rhodes-Vivour is his fondness in openly deriding, denigrating and degrading YORUBA as a race, a Language and a culture. We all have screenshots of th evidence of this on his verified Twitter accounts and a video interview he granted channels recently.

Another truth is that the reason why some section of the South-Easterners (and some pepe-body south-southerners) are promoting this false narrative that “Patrick Rhodes-Vivour is hated by the Yorubas because his mother is Igbo” is because many of them are yet to recover from 2015 defeat of Jonathan/PDP by APC/TINUBU, 2019 defeat of PDP by APC/TINUBU and most recently, 2023 defeat of PDP LITE (LP) by APC/TINUBU.

In other words, TINUBU IS THESE PEOPLE’S MAJOR HEADACHE. This is why they don’t mind replacing the EXCELLENT GOVERNANCE Sanwo-Olu (Tinubu’s God-son) provided so far with a bitter electoral decision of electing an immature, inexperienced and mediocre candidate like Patrick Rhodes-Vivour. It is because they LULEed three times (2015, 2019 and 2023) they are coming up with different narratives to massage their pains.

All in all, I congratulate Desmond Elliot and Babajide Sanwo-Olu for their victory in this just concluded state election.

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