Man Turns to Pig after Allegedly Breaking Into A Farm to Steal Pig in Malawi (Video)

by Fatai Alimi
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A man has allegedly turned to a pig in the aftermath of his attempt to steal a pig from a Malawian farm.

In a viral video circulating on internet, the man who was said to have forcefully broken into a farm in Malawi to steal pigs was pictured with his head and face already transforming into what look like a pig; an action that many said was as a result of the black magic the owner of the farm applied to protect his farm from the intruders.

Surrounded by people who had come to sympathize with him, the face of the man had started turning completely black and already taking the shape of a pig, with his lips also prostruding like that of a typical pig.

It was a very scary scene as the man’s face is conspicously assuming the shape of a pig. At a time, people around decided to cover his face with a piece of cloth so as to prevent others from seeing the gory look before he was ferried on a bike to an unknown destination, where he probably will be able to be get the antidote that will cure him of the strange illness.

Watch the video below:

Strange: Man allegedly turning into a Pig after breaking into a farm in Malawi to steal pig

Posted by News In Naija on Saturday, April 9, 2022

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