Mixed Reactions As People Call Out Genevieve Nnaji for Not Attending Rita Dominic’s Wedding

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Nigerians have taken to social media to share their diverse opinion over a debate concerning the absence of Nigerian multi-award winning actress, Genevieve Nnaji at the wedding of one of her colleagues in the movie industry, Rita Dominic, held, on Tuesday, at her home town, Aboh, Mbaise, Imo State.

Earlier today, people on microblogging social media platform, Twitter, called out the Nollywood movie superstar for not attending the wedding of Rita Dominic, who they considered to be her close friend.

People were berating Genevieve for her absence at the wedding as many were insinuating that Rita Dominic does not deserve such from her because they used to be a very close friends.

However, this later led to mixed reactions when some people with different opinions tap into the trend to chip in their views about the issue. They stressed that there is nothing wrong when somebody is absents from a friend’s wedding once there is a tangible reason for the absence. Someone said Genevieve is known to be a private person who doesn’t attend occasions and questioned why people now chose to call her out.

See some of their reactions below:

“Genevieve wasn’t present at Rita Dominic’s wedding. So? Did Rita Dominic complain? People should learn to mind their business at times.”

“I have never seen such a problematic nation with problematic people like this before 😩


“Because my colleague is getting married, I must put my life on hold, and whatever important thing on hold as well, just to be in attendance?! 😩 🤦🏽‍♀️


“Genevieve wasn’t at the wedding, did the wedding fail to hold? Will the marriage flop? Was the wedding called off?
“We just de find gist way no exist. Na we the fans de cause most banter way no exist.”


“Genevieve wasn’t at Rita’s wedding, so heartbreaking”

“Heartbreaking for who? People are weird mehn.”


“Y’all on Genevieve neck, I thought we all agreed she’s a private person who doesn’t attend occasions and keep to herself. So why calling her out for #reeldeel22 . She kept to her energy of not attending events so respect it


“You that is typing nonsense about Genevieve Nnaji, did Rita complain to you? have you appreciated those that attended? Who made you the attendance keeper?
Better respect the business that pays you and don’t carry that your yamayama reach Genevieve corner!


“You people are so used to these eye services of putting everything online that you forget people have lives offline. You people are weird for trying to make Genevieve Nnaji out to be a villain for keeping her life private.

You’re complaining why she wasn’t present at Rita’s wedding… Rita did not complain bur you are, why is that? You also claim she didn’t congratulate Rita. Your source? The absence of social media posts. She wasn’t the only one absent, so why pick on just her?

Oh, not just the wedding? You’re furious she isn’t participating and not all over the internet? The real Q is why you’re butt hurt! You’re mad she unfollowed everyone on IG. You’re asking who she thinks she is. SHE IS EXACTLY THAT IT GIRL SHE THINKS SHE IS, AND MORE, MIGHT I ADD.

It’s ok you and the celebrities you worship have a constant need for validation, but you should understand that not everyone feels the need to do so, time and time again, Genny has proven she doesn’t. So keep her name out of your mouth, Chineke akpọ gị òkù!


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