Nigerians Have Rejected APC – The Narratives of the Jesters

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They gather hate+ful souls on tv every day in our cities to tell Nigerians that APC has wrecked havoc on the land.

They are at liberty to invite whoever they want to hear speak. Their radio counterparts do same. Their print media colleagues do same with very repulsive headlines over every single national issue.

But these same people do not see how abysmal Abia state was run under PDP or how Ortom did nothing in Benue for 8 years. They don’t see that the beautiful Taraba has not experienced any form of development since its creation. They don’t see how Obaseki stopped majority members of Edo state house of assembly from entering the chamber.

That is what journalism has become in Nigeria.

But on Feb 25, Nigerians voted for Tinubu of APC and he defeated Atiku with 1.8m votes, that is more than the population of some countries.

And last Saturday, if that was rigged as alleged by those who should first sought out who actually came second between PDP and their breakaway child, LP, Nigerians voted for APC as follows in their various geopolitical:

NW – The people of Kaduna, Jigawa, Zamfara and Katsina have completed the exercise and they return APC. Kebbi is returning APC too but the good people of Kano have decided to bring a new party and it is NNPP. They made sure that PDP was completely crippled and out of the race. However, Sokoto has been delivered to APC from the grip of PDP.
That is how NW ‘revolted’ against APC with 6/7.

NE – Borno, Yobe, Gombe are retained by APC while PDP is poised to retain its beloved Taraba. We await Bauchi and the latest development in Adamawa which favours APC’s Aishatu Binani before PDP started playing pranks on Furore votes which gave the woman victory.
So this is how the good people of NE ‘rejected’ APC.

NC – Niger, Kwara, Nasarawa, Plateau and even Benue are all for APC. Kogi didn’t have governorship election but they already have an APC governor.
So that is how the good people of North Central gave APC 💯% to show that they don’t like the party.

SW – But for over voting, Osun is APC and that will soon be finally settled by the Court. Lagos and Ogun returned APC while PDP took Oyo majorly because the governor did not stand on the way of Tinubu’s victory on Feb 25. Ekiti and Ondo already have APC governors too.
So the good people of SW still see APC as the better option despite the barrage of blackmail, lies and biases.

SE – Ebonyi voted for APC despite the activities of the world’s 10th deadliest terrorist group which is a child of PeeDeePee. APC has Imo state too and the party also won majority of the state’s house of assembly seats. Anambra is APGA, Abia is now LP with Enugu the only surviving PDP state.

SS – Cross Riverians voted for an APC governor for the first time since 1999. Get me clear, I’m not talking about a governor who was elected on PDP platform but decamped to APC which is appreciated and which gave birth to this victory, I am talking about outrightly voting for an APC governor. APC has gone badly but won 2 senate seats in Edo and 5 of the 7 HoR seats as well.
Yes, PDP retains Akwa Ibom, Rivers and it’s appearing like they’re having Delta too but we all knew the magic in Bayelsa after Bayelsans voted massively for APC in 2020.

Nigerians can not be cajoled by negative narratives. They know those who supported the present CBN hardship but who talk on tv like they love them. They also know leaders who stood by them in the time of affliction because of the ambition of one man to lead us out of deprivation and perpetual poverty and underdevelopment.

(By Sunday Wale Adeniran)

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