Now You Can Log In To Your Cheating Wife/Husband’s WhatsApp On Your Phone Without Logging Him/Her Out, See How

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Mark Zuckerberg

In an announcement made by the CEO of Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg, via his verified Facebook page, it was revealed that a new update has been made to the popular messaging app which will enable users to log in to as many as four smartphones with the same account simultaneously.

Before the announcement, WhatsApp users could only log into one account on only one phone, and an attempt to log in on another phone would log out the user from the previous phone. But with this new development, WhatsApp users are no longer restricted to using their accounts on just a single phone.

This will now allow access to partner’s WhatsApp messages, most especially, the cheating husbands or Wives. With the following steps, you can easily log in to your partner’s WhatsApp on your phone without logging him/her out on their phone.

The original phone that signed into the WhatsApp account is considered the “primary” device and setting up a secondary phone to use with a WhatsApp account will require a fresh install of the app. In case you are already using WhatsApp on your phone, you can download either WhatsApp Business or any other type of WhatsApp you feel like using.

Except, rather than entering the user’s phone number during setup and logging in as usual, the user will instead tap a new “link to existing account” option and this will generate a QR code to be scanned by the primary WhatsApp phone via the “link a device” option in settings. The new feature works across both iOS and Android devices.

Another benefit of this new feature is that it is not necessary for primary device to be turned on in order to receive messages from other phones, Android tablets, or desktops. However, WhatsApp says that it would log out other devices if the primary smartphone is inactive for more than 14 days.

Users can access and use WhatsApp on any of the devices once secondary phones have been connected to their account. Up to a year of messages will sync between devices, so users will be able to see chat histories before sending any new messages. Messages sync across phones regardless of their operating systems, whether it’s iOS to Android or vice versa.

Personal messages remain end-to-end encrypted, regardless of whether users are using the multi-device feature.

However, users can manually log off connected devices from their primary device but that is the story for another time.

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