by Fatai Alimi
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Oyetola Vs Adeleke

The voices of the masses are now becoming clear and dominating. All thanks to President Buhari’s signing of the new electoral act into law.

You may say Buhari has not done anything, but to me, he has been able to set a new path for our democracy with the new electoral law. And this is why the voices of the masses can now be heard loud and clear.

Osun election has been won and lost. I know of many APC members who intentionally worked against the interest of the party because of the party’s impunity of imposition of unpopular candidates on the popular one. The aftermath of APC’s kangaroo primaries across the state and the inability of the party’s heirachy to put its house in order has finally cost APC the Osun state governorship election. Imagine a situation where the party’s heirachy rejected a Havard trained graduate only to impose a secondary school drop out in a position like House of Representatives, and such asset was allowed to dump the party without any concern! ! Nothing could be more irresponsible!

Oyetola does not seem to be a good politician who knows how to shift ground to accommodate those with opposing views within his party. He wanted to be a winner who takes all, and he has paid dearly for that. Many aggrieved APC members voted against him to prove a point.

Congratulations to Adeleke the dancer for this sweet victory. His expected or unexpected victory has been able to pass a message of hope to Nigerians that power indeed belong to the people. The era of grandstanding is over!

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