PDP May Still Lose Osun State Governorship Mandate To APC After Saturday’s Winning

by Fatai Alimi
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Oyetola Vs Adeleke
  • PDP Didn’t Have Eligible Candidate for the Governorship Election
  • Vote cast for PDP on Saturday may be wasted votes!

The Osun state governorship election has been won and lost. The People’s Democratic Party carried the day as INEC declared its candidate, Ademola Adeleke, the winner with 430,000 votes to beat his closest Challenger, Governor Isiaka Oyetola of the APC with 375,000 votes.

Although PDP had since be declared winner by INEC, the last may not have been heard as the APC may still retain the control of the key Southwest state through the court. If this happens, it means all the votes cast for PDP will be a waste.

The pre-election case of who is the authentic candidate of the PDP has been in court. The case is now at the Appeal Court level, and by the time the party will be out of the court, PDP may end up losing their mandate to APC.

It will be sad if the votes cast on Saturday for PDP become waste. Indeed, it will be very sad considering the time, the energy and the huge resources the party has committed to the election. And this is what APC is banking on because in the face of the law, PDP has no governorship candidate. This is just the simple fact and it is sad.

The summary of the judgement delivered by Justice Nathaniel Ayo-Emmanuel of the Federal High Court, Osogbo was worrisome. The Honourable justice noted clearly that the primary election that produced Senator Ademola Adeleke was done at the right venue and was conducted by the right people but with wrong delegates. It means the primary election was built on nothing. So, it cannot stand. This is the more reason why his opponent, Omooba Dotun Babayemi went back to the Court of Appeal, seeking nothing.

For Babayemi, the court noted that although he was voted for by the right delegates but the primary election that produced him took place at the wrong venue and was conducted by the wrong people. So, his primary can’t stand.

There is a precedence upon which this case will end. Neither Adeleke nor Babayemi’s candidatute can stand before the law, going by the Supreme Court judgment on Zamfara.
Unfortunately, Babayemi kept on cajoling his few supporters to vote for PDP to help APC. As a lawyer, he knows that neither him nor Adeleke were validly elected as the PDP governorship candidate. He knows too that if Adeleke wins, either Oyetola or someone else will eventually become the governor because the said election will definitely be nullified by the Court. He remains in the Court because of his selfish agenda, thinking nullification of Adeleke’s election will give him the chance to come back in 2026 from Osun West.

Sincerely, the PDP has shot itself in the leg. Whatsoever votes that is cast for PDP in this election may eventually be wasted votes. But we will have to wait for the court to receive the shocking blow.

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