Peter Obi, The Obidients And The Burden of Defending Their Ex-Convict Campaign D-G

by Fatai Alimi
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It is sad that Labour Party, Peter Obi and his followers (the Obidients), who had made us believed that their presidential candidate would fight corruption to a standstill if elected the President of Nigeria, are now suddenly defending their ex-convict Presidential Campaign Director, Doyin Okupe.

In a series of posts sighted online and targeted at defending their ex-convict campaign D-G, the one below seems to be the best of their defence, at least the best they came up with, going by the large number of them copying and pasting same on almost every platforms where issues about Okupe’s conviction were raised.

It read thus:

“Only in Nigeria will a government agent who duly recieved money from the government be convicted for receiving money, without the giver of the money being charged to court. Under Apc, Nigeria is a joke. Can you now compare this dance of absurdity with the case of FFK who was charged to court for looting billions of naira as a minister of aviation, but till date, his case is still pending in court because he has joined Apc and has become Tinubu spokesperson.”

This is sad; very sad because many of the Obidients pretended as if they were oblivious of the fact that Dansuki, who was at the centre of the arms deal scandal, was in detention for so many years. What they were exactly trying to justify remains a mystery!

Were they trying to tell us that Doyin Okupe collected the money as a government agent for personal use? Or that the circumstances surrounding the collection of over 200Million naira in cash without passing through any financial institution is a norm? Why bringing FFK issue into Doyin Okupe’s fraud case as if the two of them are a single personality? Isn’t it confusing that a party and group of people who promised to fight corruption to a standstill have suddenly started defending corruption simply because one of them was involved?

But the judgement of Justuce Ijeoma Ojukwu of the Federal High Court Abuja was clear. Okupe was convicted not just for being paid the money, but for accepting over N200 Million in CASH payments without going through financial institution, in excess of the threshold allowed under the law.

A cash payment of up to 200M that does not passs through a bank is an attempt to conceal the fraud. This is worse than carrying 20 bullion vans to collect your legitimate money from a bank where the financial records could be traced and assessed at anytime.

The real offence was that Okupe collected 200M in cash directly from Dasuki in an attempt to make it untraceable in flagrant violation of Sections 16(1)&(2) of the Money Laundering Act.

Okupe, the ex-convict, was punished for accepting cash payments without going through financial institution, in excess of the threshold allowed under the Act and was thereby sentenced.

That is fraud and thievery! No matter how the Obidients may try to defend him, the fact stands that the Labour Party and Peter Obi’s campaign DG and ally is now an ex-convict. No amount of noise from the children of hate can change that fact!

© Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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