Political Parties Will Always Fail Us, Only Strong Leadership Won’t

by Fatai Alimi
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No political party in Nigeria has the capacity and integrity to solve our compound problems and make this country great again. If you are being deceived that the APC has run Nigeria aground, and that PDP or LP is the party that will liberate us, such is a deceit that will never see the lights of the day. The reason for this is that Political parties in our country have no ideologies. Where is even the ideology while anyone can easily decamp to any party of his choice at whims?

One pertinent question is; can we even differentiate one political party from the other? Was Obi not PDP member before he jumped ship to Labour Party? That was after he completed his 8 years tenure as Anambra state governor under APGA. How tenable will it be if he now stands before us to start condemning PDP? Atiku also was formerly in PDP, he later jumped to APC and now back into PDP.

As a matter of fact, he was one of the major campaigner for Buhari’s presidency in 2015. How unreasonable would it now be to stand before us and start condemning APC? The same goes for Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye, Kwankwaso and several others. They were in APC by 2015 and only ran back to PDP when they ran out of favour with the party. So, what is the use for a party when only one set of people do the cross-carpeting? And where is even the difference between them?

One thing that should be of note is that all political parties in Nigeria are simply the same. No difference at all. Our problem is not of the party, but of poor leadership in the personality of those we give our mandate. Only those at the helm of the affairs of the nation dictate what happens. They dictate our failures and our successes.

Have you had catarrh before? When the head is sick, the whole body is in trouble! Rwanda had been a hell hole for decades, but one president came on board and everyone who had been misbehaving started behaving. The Republic of Rwanda can now be adjudged one of the best countries in Africa today. People no longer lock their doors. If you leave your car on the road for days with the keys in the ignition, you’ll come back and meet your car intact.

This gaslighting and guilt tripping on political parties will never work. Everything rises and falls on leadership! People are horrible because the country is, the country his horrible because the leaders are! Unless we are able to distinguish a party from the personality, we may continue to rotate in the same circle of failure and hopelessness.

For Nigeria to change for better, we need a father-figure; someone with brains,, capability, track records of performance and ability to think out of the box, irrespective of the party. We need someone with vast political experience, maturity, charisma and deep understanding of the economy and the game of politics to provide the right kind of leadership. And that is where Bola Ahmed Tinubu fits in.

The performance of this Administration is not BAT’s doing, it is entirely the failure and success of those at the helms of affairs of the nation: The Osinbajo, the Buhari, the Chief of Army staff and others. You may name all of them, but BAT name will never appear in any of the offices.

It is understandable why many are venting the anger of Buhari’s Administration on Asiwaju Tinubu. After all, he campaigned vigorously as a party man and vouched for the General. But even Atiku Abubakar also campaigned for the party in 2015 before he decamped later on.

No matter how we do the projection, it is not like the Federal Government of Nigeria as presently constituted is Tinubu-led; he is not even the vice-president nor the senate president, nonetheless, as a key leader of the ruling party, many assume he needed to be judged on the actions and inactions of others. He has no escape route, and he’s taking all the blames in good faith.

This is exactly why Jagaban has taken the bull by the horn by declaring to step in the shoes of the Incumbent. He wants to be in full control this time to deal with any lapses of the present Administration. After all, if he could share from the blame, he shouldn’t be deprived of the opportunity to make amends.

Judge not Tinubu with the present mess on ground. He holds no political office right now, but he is sure to right all the wrongs if given the opportunity. Get this right and have peace.

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