Qatar 2022: Between Messi and Mbappe, Who Truly Deserves the MVP Award?

by Fatai Alimi
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Messi vs Mbappe

Only an alphabet separates the word ROB and ROBE, and that’s letter E which stands for Exceptional or Excellent. If you want to attain that level where you could only be robed and not be robbed of what you think you deserve, then you must be Exceptional or Excellent in what you do.

Lionel Messi on my mind! He was robed as the Most Valuable Player yesterday, and some small children are still shouting being robbed all because they scored more goals.


Although, awarding the MVP award may be controversial, perhaps, because it is the most prestigious award or because different people apply different standards in making their determination or because the award is just so subjective? One of these three reasons may be

However, logically, the MVP award should be determined this way: if you could magically take each player off his team and make their team play their matches all over again, which player’s departure would cause that team to drop the most in the standings (i.e. incur the most additional losses)?

I am quite certain that is what is meant by an MVP in a team sport. I am equally certain that not everyone uses this exact standard. But, logically, I think they should, or they should rename the award to correlate with whatever standard they are using


The most valuable player award (MVP) is arguably the most prestigious of all the other awards, it is presented to the best player for the tournament, Lionel Messi, after considering his overall influence on the field of play and on his teammates. Lionel Messi received the award for the second time in his career after winning it back in 2014 and missing out on the world cup, but yesterday, he got his hands on both the MVP award and the world cup award.

My verdict is simple: They are also good but not too exceptional, only Messi is.

Verily! Lionel Messi is the G.O.A.T

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