Religious War Statement: It Is Not A Big Deal, Peter Obi Is Not The First To Do That – Lemmy Ughegbe

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Peter Obi and Oyedepo

A Nigerian Journalist, Lemmy Ughegbe, said that assuming Peter Obi truly described the 2023 election as a ‘religious war’, he is not the first person to play religious politics.

Lemmy Ughegbe made the statement in an interview with AIT during the Kakaaki program when he was asked to air his view on the ‘purported’ viral leaked audio of Peter Obi and Bishop David Oyedepo calling the election a ‘religious war’.

Lemmy Ughegbe said that he will regard the tape as ‘purported’ because we have not heard from those who should verify and authenticate the tape, the DSS and security operatives and Peter Obi and Bishop Oyedepo have denied it.

However, he said that “assuming without conceding Peter Obi described the 2023 election as a ‘religious war’, he is not the first to play that religious politics, even in this 2023 election.”

“Before the election, in northwest, a deputy governor was seeing in the mosque where he was speaking to worshippers that Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima ticket is an important ticket that if they lose, it means Islam has lost…”

Lemmy then said that nobody can say anybody is wrong in appealing to area he’s constituent only that you must not play it in a divisive manner.

However, “If that tape is authenticated that Peter Obi score this a religious war, then the rating that I have had of him as a gentle politician and an exceptional one will drop.

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