Sowore – A Thug And Egoist Who Lives Off His Attacks of Everything on Sight

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Omoyele Sowore is known for attacking anyone who isn’t on the same page with him. But the most unfortunate of such attack is that of Nigeria’s ex-football internationals who graced Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s novelty match organized in support of his 2023 presidential bid, calling them a bunch of hungry people.

We are in a democracy for God’s sake and The beauty of democracy is that people enjoy the freedom to hold divergent opinions. Democracy’s greatest attribute is that of freedom of expression and of association.

Perhaps Sowore suffered a momentary loss of memory not to know that these gentle, patriotic and fine minds have every right to associate with anyone on legitimate occasions. It is silly to always attack everyone on the other side of the divide. And calling our ex-footballers, in the class of Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, hungry people show Mr Sowore probably doesn’t understand the workings of a true democracy. It shows him as an egoist whose mental state of health needs to be re-examined.

We should know, by now, the difference between being a bully and being an activist. Sowore, in my opinion, is a bully, and a dictator in the making. He has no moral discipline and always attacks anybody who holds a counterview to his. Sowore has no atom of the qualities of a decent leader.

In a true democracy, a politically sound and secured candidate does not need to attack anyone but only need to roll out his plans and manifestoes while appealing to people to vote. Sowore seems to be more of a thug who thinks he can bully everyone into submission, and that shows a lot that he can never make a good leader.

Is he now saying that our ex-footballers do not have the right under the law to be attributed to the person of their choice? It is their fundamental human right, and that is no business of his.

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