Stand With Your Country, Not With Putin Nor The West, Reno Omokri Says Even As He’s Always Condemning His Own Country

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A former special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has urged the black people who rush to take sides in the ongoing confrontation between the the West and Putin Administration, over the latter’s invasion off Ukraine, to have a rethink and rather stand with thier countries of birth.

Omokri stated this in a tweet posted on his verified Twitter handle urging the Black people to rather stand for the unity of the black race, as neither the West nor Putin has ever truly stood for the Black race.

Omokri lamented that the two warring parties have always exploited the Black population at every opportunity, and thus do not deserve the support of the Blacks.

He urged his audience to think more about standing for thier countries and the Pan Africanism, rather than taking sides with anyone who would not also stand for them and the Black race at large.

Omokri called for the unity of the Black people in Africa and in the diaspora, as that is the only way they can wade off any oppression from the two parties

In his word: “Rather than stand with Putin or the West, people who are not standing for you, and would rather stand ON you, as a Black African, learn to stand with your country. Stand for Pan Africanism. Stand for the unity of all Black people in Africa and the diaspora.”

Omokri has always condemned the government of Nigeria, his own country of birth, at every given opportunity. He seems to be one of the people who sees nothing good about his country and its leadership.

Can’t we now say that omokri’s call for people to stand with their country is weird and insincere.

What is your opinion about this?

See His Tweet Below:

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