“The Moment My Wife Decides She Is Leaving Our Marriage, She Ain’t Getting Nothing” – Daddy Freeze

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Daddy Freeze

Popular social media commentator Daddy Freeze has commented on the alleged divorce case between football player Achraf Hakimi and his wife on his social media page.

Achraf Hakimi, a football player for Paris St. Germain and Morocco, has gained worldwide attention when his wife learned he owned nothing despite making millions of euros as a professional athlete in his prime.

Hiba Abouk, Hakimi’s wife, had filed for divorce and wanted to share all of the footballer’s assets equally, but it turned out that he had nothing to his name at the court hearing.

Daddy Freeze said, “The Moment My Wife Decides She Is Leaving Our Marriage, She Ain’t Getting Nothing; She Is Getting Her Own Stuff. When you have a good relationship, you have access to each other’s finances, but you are careful enough to respect each other’s space.”

Hiba was astonished to discover that her 24-year-old husband had given his mother the exclusive ownership of all of his assets and cash, and that he routinely requested her to make purchases on his behalf.

80% of everything he owns, it is said, has his mother’s name on the title.

Recall that Hakimi and Hiba began dating in 2018, got married in 2020, and had two sons. She allegedly confessed to infidelity sometime in March 2023, at which point she filed for divorce.

Speaking Further, Daddyfreeze Said, “I know every penny my wife makes, and she knows what I make, and she is not greedy If I tell my wife I made one million naira and she asks for five hundred thousand, I will give it to her without complaining, but from that day on, she will never know how much I make. From the day I noticed anytime I tell you I made money and your demands started changing, you will no longer know how much I make, but what I love about my wife is that if she asks me for little money, even if I made millions, she won’t change and demand more just because she knows I have made a lot.”

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