Tinubu Has Monopolized Lagos Politics?

by Fatai Alimi
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They say Tinubu has monopolized Lagos Politics!

But sometimes I get confused about this because he hasn’t perpetuated himself as the governor of Lagos state. Apart from him, three other people have been governors, and they are not even members of his immediate family.

If only what they intended to say was that Tinubu”s political influence in determining who get what in Lagos has remained unwavering, then I would say that only a great political leader has the capacity to do that.

Politics is a game of number much as it is local; if you are not loved and widely accepted by your people, there is no way you can dictate anything, even if you want.

Those who cry foul about the popularity and unwavering political influence of Asiwaju truly deserve our pity, because it seems they only found it difficult to comprehend how he has been able to hold on to political relevance for so long. It is beyond their understanding!

Sometimes I also wonder how! And that is why Asiwaju Tinubu is a rare breed. The son of Abibatu Mogaji is exceedingly spectacular. He deserved to be understudied. And one day, I hope this brilliant mind will be studied as a course.

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