Two Married Female Police Officers Fight Dirty Over Married Male Superior Officer (Video)

by Fatai Alimi
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Two female police officers have been caught in a free-for-all fight over a superior male officer who they were both dating. The two created so much confusion at their point of duty that everyone else was left to separate the fight.

In a viral video curculating on internet, the two female officers were said to have been married, but were still dating a superior male officer who was also said to be married. The two were seen fighting themeselves while on duty and in police uniform, and it was so terrible that the fight was all on a male counterpart who they were both illegally dating.

A critical check at the video shows that, though their uniforms looked very much like that of the Nigerian police, the fight actually happened somewhere in Ghana. They appeared to be on an official duty, somewhere in a bank or a large public office in Ghana.

The two women police exchanged several shameful blows while on duty, as those who were on ground to separate the fight had a very difficult time doing so because of their sturbborness. It was even more shameful that both of them were married and were merely fighting on someone else’s husband who was a senior officer at the same station.

How married women became side chicks to an equally married officer remains to be explained.

Watch the video below:

Two Married Female Police Officers fighting over married, senior male officer

Two Married Female Police Officers in a Free-for-all fight over married senior officer. This is an eyesore!!

Posted by News In Naija on Thursday, March 31, 2022

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