United Kingdom Vows to Deploy Nuclear Weapon Against Russia

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Uk vs Putin

The United Kingdom Secretary of Defence, Ben Wallace, has vowed that the UK would retaliate with “equal or greater response” against the Russia if they decide to deploy nuclear weapon against Ukraine.

It was reported that Vladimir Putin has directed his Defence Minister on Sunday to put its Nuclear Forces on high alert, sparking fears that he is probably considering taking the Ukraine invasion to a devastating level. Many are of the opinion that Putin would stop at nothing to take over Ukraine by full force, and the United Kingdom is now prepared to take Russia head-on.

According to the UK Defence Secretary, the country will not watch Russia destroy the whole of Ukraine without a very stiff opposition. He affirmed that the UK will continue to work in tandem with the United States and other NATO members to prevent Russia from going overboard.

Ben Wallace

Wallace noted that the UK and all its allies in the European Union would do everything possible to avoid further escallation of the war, and warned that Russia should be prepared to face equal or greater response from the Britain if it dares to unleash Nuclear weapon on Ukraine.

In his word: “Britain is a nuclear power, we have a deterrent. That deterrent has kept our security for decades and, as we speak, under the sea somewhere is Britain’s nuclear deterrent. And it’s about deterrence,” he said.

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Wallace states that even President Putin would not be oblivious of the fact that anything involving a nuclear weapon has an equal or greater response from the West.

He reiterated further that the US, Britain and France are on ground when it comes to Nuclear weapons, but detterents are what has keep this era safe.

He added: “We will not do anything to feed miscalculation but this is a battle of rhetoric that President Putin is deploying and we just have to make sure we manage it properly.”

Mr Wallace gave a lot of kudos to the Ukrainians for putting up a good fight against Russia’s aggression, but emphasized that they are up against “the overwhelming scale of the Russian Federation Army”.

Wallace said that Russia may decide to get even more ruthless in the coming days, and that is why the UK and allies have to brace up for what may come next.

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