Ukraine Invasion: Indian Student Who Went Out to Get Food Got Killed

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A medical student of Indian extraction has got killed in a shelling at the heart of Ukrainian City of Kharkiv, when he went out from the bunker to get some food.

The student, who goes by the name Naveen S Gyanagoudar, was a Medical student at the Kharkiv National Medical University.

According to information from one of his friend, Naveen S Gyanagoudar was 22 years of age at the time of his death, and the friend claimed to have spoken with him shortly before he was gunned down on Tuesday.

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Like Nigerians and other countries of the world, thousands of Indian citizens have been caught in the Ukraine’s invasion and are pleading for prompt evacuation. Although the countries have been making efforts to get their citizens out of the war-torn Ukraine, but they are being faced with logistic hurdles.

Naveen S Gyanagoudar,

The death of Gyanagoudar is a great loss to Indian, and it necessitates, once again, the call for prompt evacuation of other students that are now stuck in Ukraine. Gyanagoudar was in his fourth year at Kharkiv National Medical University.

Confirming the death of Gyanagoudar, the India’s foreign ministry stated that they are aware he was killed in a shelling in Kharkiv, and that they have got in contact with his family.

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Finding food to eat has become an issue since the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and many students in Ukraine have been tweeting about it since the invasion.

A friend of the dead student, Srikanth Chennagowda, told BBC Hindi that Gyanagoudar just called his people at 8am Ukrainian time to demand that they helped him transfer money because he wanted to buy more food for to be stocked under their shelter in kharkiv. To now be faced with the reality that he is no more is still unbeleivable, the friend lamented.

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According to the friend, Gyanagoudar was a very brilliant and kind-hearted person. He was said to have scored 95% in his third year. He was a very studious guy and was also very humble.

May his sould rest in peace.

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