Ukraine Invasion: Russia Vows to Continue Attacks Until Set Goals are Achieved

by Fatai Alimi
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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has entered the sixth day, but there is no indication that the invasion will come to an end anytime soon, as Russia’s military heirachy has vowed that it won’t stop the attack until “set goals are achieved”.

As it stands now, Russia, on Tuesday, has built up its forces near the Ukraine capital, Kyiv, and has vowed not to stop. The Russian forces are striking cities near the Ukaraine’s capital city.

According to information from warring sides and Intelligence reports from international organizations and Western allies, Russia is not ready to stop the invasion and now building up its forces for further attacks.

Reports indicated that images from satellite show 65 Kilometre column of Russian trucks, armoured vehicles and artillery advancing towards the north of Kyiv. An indication that Russian is prepared for a full scale war.

Although some citizens of Ukraine are building barricades in the centre of the Ukraine capital city of Kyiv, Russia has warned all residents near Kyiv intelligence structures to evacuate, so as not to be harmed when they attack.

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Ukraine government has now raised alarm that Russian strike targets Kyiv main TV tower and knocks out some state broadcasts. Nonetheless, it boasts that hundreds of Russian pieces of weaponry, which include 29 aircrafts, 29 helicopters and 198 tanks, have been destroyed.

In the midst of the bombing, Ukraine says that Russia has been firing rockets into residential areas after failing to take Kharkiv and Chernihiv, thereby leading to the country suffering civilian casualties. It says a Russian missile attack on a government building in Kharkiv kills 10 civilians or more, while 20 people were wounded. It stated further that eight more people died in a subsequent air strike on a Kharkiv residential building.

In total, a report by the United Nations has indicated that one million people have been displaced within Ukraine, and more than 677,000 have fled abroad.

And now, the war is still far from being over.

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