Video: 56 Years Old Virgin Cries Out For Husband After Chasing Many Men Away In The Past

by Opeyemi Alimi
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Alvera Uwitonze, a 56-year-old virgin has expressed her regret for rejecting her past suitors and cried out for one who could probably rescue her from being single for life.

Speaking in her documentary video posted on YouTube by Afrimax, the lady narrated that she has never had a boyfriend all her life and she was known for turning down different men’s proposals because she was afraid that men would get impregnated her and leave her to take care of the child alone.

The physically challenged lady, during her emotional narration, stated her encounter with men and expressed her regret for having such a notion about men. She, however, cried out for anyone who could save her from being a virgin forever.

In her words:

“They used to come here and ask if they could marry me and I refused them all. I was afraid a man would come and get me pregnant then leave me and the child for someone else.”

Alvera also revealed that she was fine, healed and healthy earlier in her life but the physical challenge which got her crippled came later in her life and that it took away her beauty. She added that her physical challenge came as result of an illness.

She, therefore, lamented that her battling physical challenge makes her matter worse as men prefer going for normal and young ladies rather than who is nothing but a cripple. Amid this, she went on expressing hope of finding a husband.

Watch The Video Below:

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