Video: Community in Frenzy As A Mysterious Fowl Allegedly Shouting “Pls God”

by Fatai Alimi
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Wonders, they say, shall never end as a Yoruba speaking community went into a frenzy after a fowl was sighted making a sound that was widely interpreted to mean “pls God.”

In a viral video circulating online, the said community woke up to the noise of a white fowl clucking “Olorun dakun”, which implies “pls God” to the surprise of all and sundry.

This rare experience drew the attention of many people within the community, who in turn gathered to discuss the rare wonder. Some of them who talked in front of the camera, expressed shock and disbelief at the way the fowl was clucking what they all agreed to imply “pls God” in their local Yoruba language.

In Yoruba language, ‘Olorun dakun’ implies begging God for a favour or mercy, and to hear a fowl repeatedly clucking similar sound sent the whole community into frenzy, with some of them intermittently chanting  ‘Allahu Akbar’ which means God is great.

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A sight at the video truly shows that the fowl was intermittently clucking sounds similar to ‘Olorun dakun’ in a local Yoruba dialect, but many may, nevertheless, disagree with the opinion of the villagers as a fowl’s clucking couldn’t have been any close to the sound of a human.

However, you may watch the video of the fowl below and decide for yourself whether or not to go with the opinion of the villagers.

Watch the video here:

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