When Nigeria Had A Christian-Christian Leadership

by Fatai Alimi
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Nigerians have had Christian-Christian leadership in the past, and no one kicked against it. I can recall that Yakubu Gowon and his Second in Command, Joseph Wey, I mean Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey, were Christians, and heaven did not fall.

But even yet, the combination could not stop Nigeria’s Civil war from happening. That shows how powerless religion may be in the face of practical political decisions.

It is not a VP that will stop all religion crisis rocking this nation. Of course Osinbajo and Namadi Sambo have not been able to do that. Stoping all the violence is a collective effort. What we need as a nation is strong leadership. A leadership combination of people who are liberal, and who have brains and ability to deliver.

Tinubu is a liberal muslim who has worked with several christians. He raised Osinbajo politically even though he is a Pastor. He marries a christian wife, and a Pastor at that. What further proof do we need?

The type of VP that APC needs now is someone popular in the North, who can muscle Atiku strenght with strenght, and be able to deliver a significant number of vote. It is not just any “air-weights” whose choice will be driven by religious sentiment. APC’s choice of VP should basically be formed around popularity and ability to deliver. That is the only way APC can deliver the North.

Winning is the first most important thing, because it is only when you win that you can start talking about how to share the relevant positions. And that is why APC’s choice of VP is very crucial and thebmore reason the Progressive Northern Governors are trusted with the decision to come up with one strong candidate.

But If such VP candidate turns out to be a Muslim, which will invariably thrust us a Muslim-Muslim ticket, the advocates of Muslim-Christian ticket should please be considerate and take solace in the fact that the Firstlady would be a Pastor, Pastor Oluremi Tinubu of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

You may claim that Firstlady position has no constitutional role, but If you have Pastor Remi Tinubu, who equally is an active politician and a Senator for 12 years, as the Firstlady, I am sure she won’t allow the president rest until justice is always served to the Christians. She will represent the necessary voice of the Christian family together with the Senate President and other Christian Cabinet members.

Remi Tinubu is not a docile wife who will look away when justice for the Christian population is at stake. Bola Tinubu himself is a liberal and tolerant muslim who has lived under the same roof with a Pastor wife for decades with adequate respect and understanding. I hope we can bank on the Firstlady.

As a matter of fact, a wife has more impact and can influence the husband’s decision than just a deputy, because they sleep together, eat together and debate together while others might have been away. You can take that to the bank
~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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